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2013-09: Begin Recruiting Ground Support Pros

We run ads in 2 nationally recognized employment websites and gain 80+ signups. As we thought, no shortage on support techs eager to work. We are in process of certification testing and once the process is complete and we see how well techs score, we will then launch our major recruiting effort across America.

2013-08: WebWizards Begins Testing Ground Support

We launch a small print campaign in the local area to see what kind of interest we get off the Ground Support program. Respond is good, but we will require more marketing to get people to understand that we are there to help with Internet related issues, not to fix their computer.

2013-07: WebWizards Launches Experimental Crowdfunding Campaign

Since the SEC has not ruled on equity crowdfunding and we are still in negotiations will various angel groups, we launch an experimental crowdfunding campaign on

2013-06: WebWizards Network Inc. Formed

WebWizards Network Inc. C Corporation Filed in Delaware.

2013-05: WebWizards Breaks Ground On New Corp Website

We begin building our new website aimed at pro partners, add new back-end for pro members, billing, and Google Maps mobile dispatching.

2013-04: WebWizards Scouts Corp Office, Retail Outlets

We find corporate office in San Fernando Valley and locate several key retail locations for our first corporately owned retail store.

2013-03: WebWizards Begins Reseller Discussions

Receive positive response from computer repair shops and major retail chains about reselling WebWizards services at their counters.

2013-01: Test Licensing Interest

We reached out to 30 key entrepreneurs interested in turn-key retail licensing and receive 5 initial territory reservations.

2012-12: WebWizards Completes First TV Commercial

We finalize our first 60 sec. concept commercial and other promo material that will introduce our new Ground Support services.

2012-09: WebWizards Retail Concept Begins

Due to an unusual amount of generalized Internet support calls, we begin researching new ways to help Internet users.

2011-12: Frog Wizard introduced

Wizzy, our frog wizard mascot was introduced to not only get attention, but to put a friendly face on our services.

2011-11: Trademark Issued

USPTO issues WebWizards with a circle R trademark.

2011-08: Opens

Opened to businesses to sell web domains, hosting, design as a dba division of our boutique ad agency.