02). What are the startup costs of a WebWizards licensing opportunity?

By May 8, 2013

Startup costs vary based on the size and location of your new WebWizards Center. Beyond your retail location costs (rent, utilities, phone, employees, insurance, marketing, legal) the total initial investment can range between $69,000 to $100,000. Below is the minimum investment with WebWizards. Yes! Financing is available on approved credit.

WebWizards® Minimum Startup Costs (Required)
No. Item Amount
01). 5 yr. Licensing Fee (per single unit) + 10% of sales $30,000
02). Operations Guidelines Manual $750
03). Customer Support Guidelines Manual $500
04). Employees Guidelines Handbook $250
05). Marketing Plan (media not included) $7,500
06). Marketing Slicks (plus logo guidelines) $250
07). Basic Start-Up Supplies Pkg (stationery, product pads, promo signs) $2,500
08). Store Interior Design Fee $750
09). Initial Training Fees (In Store) $750
10). Web Wizard Basic Certifications (5 included) at Corp HQ (Web Marketing, Web Designer, Web Support, Web Programming, Web SEO Specialist) $1,000
11). Support Mini Car (includes wrapping) $25,000
12). In-House Tutorial Videos and In-House Promo Videos (Vault access per month) $200
Total Minimum Startup Costs $69,450