01). What’s the process in selling WebWizards’ services?

By April 29, 2013

a). Apply online.

b). We send you a secure Reseller login account where you can keep track of any sales made and commissions earned.

c). Add our services to your existing advertising.

d). When a customer inquires about a web related service, you login, add them to your customer list and order services for them. You can enter their Paypal or credit card info.

e). The customer is sent access to their own members area.

f). A WebWizards customer service representative calls the customer to personally address their needs on your behalf.

g). A service ticket is generated for the client (that you can review from your account area). Once the order is complete and the customer has scored the services rendered (scale 1 to 10), you are alerted via email.

h). Anytime the customer orders something from their account, you are issued a commission credit for as long as you are contracted with us.