widget-dragonAs consumer Internet usage continues to skyrocket, the need to educate people about rapidly changing trends increases and so does the need to service the business owners who are trying to target them.

WebWizards® offers Internet users the ability to meet and interact with certified Internet experts, face-to-face (as opposed to reading online instructions, hunting through You Tube videos, opening online support tickets or dealing with technicians who often assume everyone should know everything about the Internet already).

Our philosophy is that “users”, (formerly known as people), do not live in cyberspace. And, people learn and understand things much easier if they are shown how to do something.

That’s why WebWizards® is taking its proprietary method of web servicing & classes and expanding it into a retail chain of individually licensed brick n’ mortar locations and building a national network of support professionals across America. Our goal is to help America keep up with the Internet.