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August 2013

Easing The Mobile And Web Application Technology Curve: A New Paradigm For 21st-Century Customer Service

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Personalized customer service may be the next wave in Mobile technology.

In the beginning of the Internet era, the PC reigned supreme. As the desktop publishing world, and the transition from typewritten documents to desktop-created documents grew, the technology consumer became familiar with a world that relied on offline and online applications. PCs and ISP subscriptions were sold side by side, in a glorious period for all companies tied into this massive technology shift. Businesses and consumers now were connected, with a greater understanding of how the browser could change their lives. Suddenly, consumers had a way to communicate and connect with product and service companies in new ways. Read More

New support study shows WebWizards® launches with perfect timing.

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Parks Associates Chart“The information age now touches nearly every human on the planet in some way” states a newly released whitepaper “The Future of Support: Intelligence Managing Technology” from Parks Associates and EchoStar.

And, WebWizards’ new Internet Ground Support Pro program appears to be right on target.

“The mass of information available and relevant to our lives is growing exponentially every year, and we are increasingly dependent on our ability to readily access and disseminate that information through the technology we have created to do so.” Read More