“Our goal is to become America’s most trusted local brand when it comes to Internet support, education and web presence services.”


WebWizards® is a network of Internet support outlets across America offering personalized ground support, private/public classes and traditional web presence services for local Internet users and small businesses.

We also provide retail licensing opportunities for entrepreneurs, reselling capabilities for existing retail chains and valuable partnering for online developers looking to test-market or train users concerning online, mobile or retail products and services.

How we fit in.

For many, the Internet and new technology is moving far too fast to keep up with. Online applications can often pose a challenge to operate and while smart phones and tablets have changed the way we communicate significantly, it has also increased user frustration tenfold.

Lack of personalized customer support and user knowledge is at the heart of the matter and introduces major new challenges for individual users and businesses (online and off).

That’s where WebWizards comes in. We show people how things work online by offering users the ability to meet, interact and learn from certified support and training experts, face-to-face rather than dealing with overly complicated online help tools or automated support systems.

We operate primarily on the premise that people learn much easier if they are shown how to do something, in person.

Mission Statement.

We are dedicated to the highest level of customer service, delivered with a warm smile, friendly attitude and individual pride, knowing that we have provided a valuable service to all who have sought our expertise.