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New support study shows WebWizards® launches with perfect timing.

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Parks Associates Chart“The information age now touches nearly every human on the planet in some way” states a newly released whitepaper “The Future of Support: Intelligence Managing Technology” from Parks Associates and EchoStar.

And, WebWizards’ new Internet Ground Support Pro program appears to be right on target.

“The mass of information available and relevant to our lives is growing exponentially every year, and we are increasingly dependent on our ability to readily access and disseminate that information through the technology we have created to do so.” Read More

WebWizards® Rolls Out Internet Ground Support Network

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WebWizards Network’s Certified Ground Support Pros Provide Personalized Assistance With Social Media; Mobile Apps; Browser-Based Applications and Web Presence Services

LOS ANGELES, CA – WebWizards® Network, Inc., a full-service Internet education and support company, today announced the launch of the company’s innovative in-person Internet and mobile device support service. The company’s Ground Support service is borne out of the WebWizards philosophy that Internet users are better supported when they are shown how online applications work, face-to-face, be it Facebook, iTunes, Google Hangouts, Amazon, eBay or hundreds of others.

webwizards_mini_car Read More

WebWizards launches national education and support effort.

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WebWizards® offers Internet users the ability to meet and interact with certified Internet experts, face-to-face (as opposed to reading online instructions, hunting through You Tube videos, opening online support tickets or dealing with technicians who often assume everyone should know everything about the Internet already).

The WebWizards philosophy is that “users”, (formerly known as people), do not live in cyberspace. And, people, learn and understand things much easier if they are shown how to do something (face-to-face, on-the-ground).

“I can’t begin to tell you how many times in a day (over the past 18 years), I get asked how to do something on the Internet,” states CEO Chick Ciccarelli. “What developers fail to realize is that if their customers are 35 years or older, there’s a really good chance they didn’t grow up with the Internet (and certainly not smart-phones or tablets).”

Ciccarelli decided to do something about it and his company has now launched a national education and support effort to help Americans with the Internet. Read More