In a nutshell.

Our philosophy is that “users”, (formerly known as people), do not live in cyberspace or on the Internet. And, people learn and understand things much easier if they are shown how to do something.

Help others. Make money doing it.

Our Ground Support Network is a national group of individually certified Internet support professionals joined by our online dispatch system. “Ground support” means that our support pros actually meet face-to-face with our customers to help them with whatever Internet related issue they may have (from showing someone how to set-up their email properly to how to use a specific online application and everything in-between). Our end-customers are individual Internet users (in their home) and/or small business owners.

If you’re an Internet know-it-all, you can become a Certified WebWizards Ground Support Pro and get paid to let someone pick your brain. Arrange work hours around your personal schedule.


We have a full range of Internet related certification courses, both from WebWizards and advanced online developers. Gain a competitive edge by showing you are an expert in your field. Click here to learn more about certifications.

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Ground Support FAQs

01). How’s the Ground Support Network work?

It’s simple.

01). Register: You register.

02). Confirm: We send your support system members access info via text message (and email).

03). Certification: You take the WebWizards Certification Support Pro test online (and additional Certification tests if you want to be considered for more extensive and better paying work).

04). Credentials: We send you your WebWizards credentials by U.S. mail.

05). Availability: When we get a support request from someone within your radius area, we send you a notice to check your availability via email.

06). Accept: You accept the job and we send the directions to you via your members account and text message.

07). Support Session: The customer has already pre-paid for the service call, so no need to handle any money. If the session goes over the allotted time, you post the time in the support system.

08). Verification: We verify with the client that you have completed the task and we bill them for any overages.

09). Rating: The client rates your service call. (The higher the markings, the more jobs are sent to you in the future).

10). Earnings: We pay you at the end of each month via check or immediately via Paypal.

02). Does it cost anything to become a Ground Support Pro?

No, not for signing up to receive work orders, but you will need to pay for your WebWizards Certification test (which is a one-time fee of $99.95 and $49.95 each year thereafter to renew).

Other tests vary in price depending on the Online Partner certifications, but you are not required to take those tests unless you want to make more money by showing you are an expert in those areas.

Right now, we do not pay additionally for gas or auto maintenance (but we are looking into it). If a service call is too costly for you to take, you simply don’t accept the service request.

03). What happens if I get a bad review?

You get a negative icon listed in the WebWizards Support Pro Directory. Get one and you get a chance publicly to explain what happened. Get two and we deduct a penalty fee from your account balance. Get three and you don’t get any more jobs sent to you and we post you on our “Bad Wizards” list.

04). Can I help someone remotely?

No, that would defeat the purpose of our program. Our job is to sit with someone and show them how to do something on the Internet. If the customer is looking for email or remote support, they can either visit a WebWizards retail location for personalized support (or take a class) or buy a WebWizards Membership subscription which can include remote and email support from our corporate office.

05). I can’t afford a wrapped mini car. What then?

No problem. In your credentials package, we include decals you can place on the window of your own car or you can purchase additional promo elements from within your Ground Support Pro account area.