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New support study shows WebWizards® launches with perfect timing.

By August 13, 2013Articles, Press Releases

Parks Associates Chart“The information age now touches nearly every human on the planet in some way” states a newly released whitepaper “The Future of Support: Intelligence Managing Technology” from Parks Associates and EchoStar.

And, WebWizards’ new Internet Ground Support Pro program appears to be right on target.

“The mass of information available and relevant to our lives is growing exponentially every year, and we are increasingly dependent on our ability to readily access and disseminate that information through the technology we have created to do so.”

“There is much for consumers to manage: an ocean of information and content combined with a growing number of devices to access the incoming data. Smartphones, tablets, residential gateways, connected TVs, gaming consoles, wireless networks, and high-speed broadband connections are among the increasing array of new devices and technologies appearing in consumers’ homes. With them comes an increasingly complex amalgam of connectivity challenges, performance issues, and security threats. Additionally, the “planned obsolescence” of some devices results in product life spans as short as two years.”

This environment has created a moving target for the digital industry as we have watched the increasing sophistication of our technology paralleled by an equal growth in complexity. As a result many consumers become frustrated by the very technology that is intended to simplify and enrich our lives.

Amidst this consumer angst in managing their connected devices is potential opportunity for OEMs, retailers, and digital service providers (DSPs). As consumer frustration mounts, fueled by device complexity and the desire to be seamlessly connected, the demand for premium tech support increases.

Consumers regularly seek professional services to resolve a plethora of new technology issues. Providers have an opportunity to develop service offerings that leverage the discovery, management, and support of network connected devices. Support offerings can also extend to home services, which enhance consumer safety, security, energy monitoring, and home entertainment options such as TV Everywhere.

It also presents the opportunities for being first-to-market with an intelligent, comprehensive support solution, where the total U.S. tech support market will grow to $8.25 billion by 2017.

WebWizards has also launched a crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo.com (at http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/webwizards) to raise capital to test market its new Ground Support program.

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