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WebWizards launches national education and support effort.

By April 26, 2013Press Releases

WebWizards® offers Internet users the ability to meet and interact with certified Internet experts, face-to-face (as opposed to reading online instructions, hunting through You Tube videos, opening online support tickets or dealing with technicians who often assume everyone should know everything about the Internet already).

The WebWizards philosophy is that “users”, (formerly known as people), do not live in cyberspace. And, people, learn and understand things much easier if they are shown how to do something (face-to-face, on-the-ground).

“I can’t begin to tell you how many times in a day (over the past 18 years), I get asked how to do something on the Internet,” states CEO Chick Ciccarelli. “What developers fail to realize is that if their customers are 35 years or older, there’s a really good chance they didn’t grow up with the Internet (and certainly not smart-phones or tablets).”

Ciccarelli decided to do something about it and his company has now launched a national education and support effort to help Americans with the Internet.

Through its’ method, the general public and business owners gains personalized services, support and training from locally licensed WebWizards retail outlets and mobile mini car support units. We get closer to the Internet’s end user than anyone else can–by sitting next to them and showing them how things work online.

WebWizards has been the full service web development dba division of ad agency Chick Ciccarelli, Inc. since 2010, offering traditional web services and support to businesses and individuals. The division has now become WebWizards Network, Inc.

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