01). How’s the Ground Support Network work?

By May 10, 2013

It’s simple.

01). Register: You register.

02). Confirm: We send your support system members access info via text message (and email).

03). Certification: You take the WebWizards Certification Support Pro test online (and additional Certification tests if you want to be considered for more extensive and better paying work).

04). Credentials: We send you your WebWizards credentials by U.S. mail.

05). Availability: When we get a support request from someone within your radius area, we send you a notice to check your availability via email.

06). Accept: You accept the job and we send the directions to you via your members account and text message.

07). Support Session: The customer has already pre-paid for the service call, so no need to handle any money. If the session goes over the allotted time, you post the time in the support system.

08). Verification: We verify with the client that you have completed the task and we bill them for any overages.

09). Rating: The client rates your service call. (The higher the markings, the more jobs are sent to you in the future).

10). Earnings: We pay you at the end of each month via check or immediately via Paypal.